Watch the rendition for the P3 Studio Artists-in-Residence program at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

Tell Me Your Secrets from Renzo Vitale on Vimeo.
The work is authentically twenty-first century.

Renzo Vitale conceived and developed this work, commissioned by ContaminateNYC, together with a New York City based collective (B. Gonzalez, D. Irwin, G. Flemming, J. Donovan). An experiential prism of multi-fractured geometry is being assembled. The intent is subliminal and subsonic, in concept and execution. A galactic space capsule, a divine stellar coffin jettisoning into the sun in memorial of Viking and Egyptian immortal ceremonies. The shifting vertices, planes, and vectors translate between the virtual and physical world.

The compositional soundscape is punctuated by granular vicissitudes, the incomprehensible secret. The sound of collective’ voices echo in the burbling broke of the unknown. Modulating grand vibration creates tension between love and orgasm. Pitches of the tweeter synthesize a garbled collective voice. Chords of the major and minor, tones of the masculine and feminine flow, weave between our persons. Active participants contribute distinct sound bites to feed the composition. Passive listeners travel within the sound. The score composed for this interactive sound installation explores the manifestation, transition and mutation of possible human emotional states as driven by the revelation of hidden truths. The music ultimately acted as a catharsis for the performer by leading her through a privileged, solitary and transfiguring aural-emotional journey.