Sarah Small‘s Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions is a multi-disciplinary performance art event: it is music and dance, it is both a living painting and photography, and it is film. It is a manifesto of ultimate beauty.
The project stems from the French tableau vivant, a representation of a scene or work of art by a person or group of people, posed silent and motionless. Sarah Small’s Tableau revolutionized the concept from a nineteenth-century parlor amusement to a twenty-first century performance art event.

One hundred twenty models and musicians of all ages, sizes, and colors, in various states of dress and undress, come to life for a seventy-five-minute live improvisational and choreographed performance including opera and a cappella singing, Balkan folk and contemporary classical music. The performance culminates in live weddings supported by synchronized breathing from the whole cast, then turns into an audience-inclusive immersive party.