Videoartist Brian Gonzalez conceived a video experience inspired by the supernatural world of his upcoming feature film, “Those Who Didn’t Run”, set in 1941 on a farm along the Texas/Mexico border. Illustrated as an ongoing visual study titled “Invisible Violence”, the work becomes a visual requiem for the Mexican farm workers who were burned alive or wounded in the routine gasoline baths at the Mexican border nearly a century ago.

On November 21st, 2020 Invisible Violence, premiered at The Norwood Club in New York City accompanied by an original acapella performance by composer Renzo Vitale, performed live by members of the BARE Opera, preceded by a conversation with QAM Mentor Rodrigo Bellott and filmmaker Brian Gonzalez. Watch the full conversation with Midheaven host Rebecca Irby HERE.

Invisible Violence, 2020 – A film by Brian Gonzalez, music by Renzo Vitale