Scattering Coefficient Database

The scattering coefficient offers a handy description of diffuse reflections of the sound field: it is defined as the ratio of the non-specularly reflected sound energy to the totally reflected energy. In recent years, the scattering coefficient has been more and more integrated in room acoustics computer simulation as it significantly improves the precision and accuracy of simulation results. Nowadays, the available scattering coefficient data are mainly related to architectural surfaces with different patterns and structures. A lot of effort has also been put on the determination of numerical methods for calculating this coefficient beforehand. Despite all, investigation on common objects has rarely been performed and there is still a lack of scattering coefficient data, especially for items that are commonly present in closed spaces, such as chairs, desks, bookshelves. This project is a first step for filling this gap.

Related topics: Architectural Acoustics, Measuring Techniques in Acoustics
External link: Scattering Coefficient Open Database